When students think about studying in the United States, New York or Los Angeles are usually the first places that spring to mind. But there are many reasons not to pass up the “flyover” states.

Quality Education:

The MAUI Consortium offers a choice of 14 universities that are well respected across the nation in numerous fields.


The cost of living in the Midwest is typically the lowest in the nation – significantly less than the cost of living on the coasts.

The participating European partners are members of the Utrecht Network, a group of universities cooperating in the area of internationalization. For more information on the activities of the Utrecht Network in Europe, visit their website HERE.


This part of the US is home to some of the most important moments in American history. Rich with history of the Civil War and Westward Expansion, famed writers, entertainers, and scientists.


Some of the most beautiful places of the United States are in the middle of the country. From the Gateway Arch to the Alamo to national forests and parks.