• General Information

    Full Name of University:

    Vilnius University

    Number of MAUI semesters you can accept during 2019/20 (not students):


    General University Website:


    International Office/Website for Incoming Students:


    Contact people for incoming students:

    Mr. Julius Pukelis

    Universiteto str. 3, LT-01513

    Vilnius, Lithuania

    Tel. no.: +370 5 268 7156

    Fax: +370 5 268 7069

    Contact people for outgoing students:

    Same as above.

    Application website. If paper only, please write “paper only.”


    How does the application and admissions process differ for undergraduate versus graduates?

    No difference

    Other important notes

    Last updated

    January 2019

  • Academics

    Areas of study open to undergraduate exchange students (list explicitly)


    all courses in the list written “bachelor studies”

    Open undergraduate areas of study taught in English (list explicitly)


    all courses in the list written “bachelor studies” language of instruction English

    Are graduate areas open for exchange?


    Areas of study open to graduate exchange students (list explicitly)


    all courses in the list written “master studies”

    Can advanced undergraduate students take graduate level courses?

    Depends on the prerequisites of selected course

    Can graduate student take undergraduate level courses?

    Yes, Depends on the description and conditions of selected course

    Areas of study restricted to prior bilateral agreements between exchange departments or faculties

    a limited number of students can be accepted to some courses and medicine studies, if the student is late to register, he/she might not be accepted, otherwise, there are no other restrictions

    Areas of study not available to exchange students


    Websites for course offerings


    Required minimum and maximum number of credits available through the exchange

    For both undergraduate & graduate

    Min 15 ECTS per semester max 35 ECTS per semester (70 ECTS per year)

    Are summer courses available as exchange (non fee-paying)?

    If so, please provide summer school website.


    Do students register for classes in advance or upon arrival?

    Upon Arrival

    Language Requirements

    English B1

    Language test certificate required?

    If so, which and when: before admission or upon arrival?


    Preparatory language course for incoming students?

    Indicate dates and costs

    Only "Survival Lithuanian"during the orientation week, free of charge.

    Are there any special advising or registrations concerns that students should be aware of? Are services available to assist in registration or course selection?

    Student will always get the needed help from the Faculty Coordinator or International Relations Office

    Additional Notes

    Last updated

    January 2019

  • Dates

    Host Application deadline for each term

    Semester 1/Fall: 1 June
    Semester 2/Spring: 15 November

    Academic Calendar

    Please list exact dates


    Examination period(s)

    Semester 1/Fall: 2-26 January
    Semester 2/Spring: 1-30 June

    If there is a break between the academic course calendar and exams, can arrangements be made so the student may take exams early?

    (i.e. semester ends in December and exams are late January).

    Yes, work directly with professors

    Orientation session(s) for incoming students

    Is it mandatory, indicate dates and costs

    Autumn semester: 31 August starting

    Spring semester: Beginning of February

    (free of charge, participation highly recommended)

    Course registration deadline

    the students have to register for the courses during 10 calendar days from the start of each semester

    Last updated

    January 2019

  • Costs

    Total cost estimates per month in Euro

    (broken down below)

    460. Click here.





    Course Materials


    Local Transportation


    Health Insurance



    (please indicate and specify any mandatory additional fees)


    Is comparable health insurance coverage from abroad allowed/not allowed?

    If not, please include fees in “other” field above.


    Additional Notes

    Last Updated

    January 2019

  • Housing and Student Life

    Is housing assistance available? How do students apply, and is it guaranteed?

    Yes. Students apply for housing on the online application, we do our best to accommodate all international exchange students at VU dormitory

    Housing options


    Housing Website and Contact Person(s)


    Do students apply for housing with their regular application or is it separate?

    with online application (deadline is the same)

    What kinds of health facilities are available at the university?


    Are internships available?

    Place for internship is searched by the student him/herself by contacting relevant Faculty, IRO does not interfere into those processes.

    Are student jobs available/allowed?


    Additional Notes

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    January 2019

  • Promotional Materials

    Please add links to promotional materials below

    Please keep in mind that these resources are here for partners to use to promote exchanges; this is not itself a promotional website. As such, please simply link to your promotional materials and refrain from embedding video or images on this page.

    University Video:

    University Image Library:

    University or Departmental Brochures:

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    January 2019